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Photo Workbook - Imprecisions -


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I would like to offer a little context before I proceed with the issue that I faced, and eventually solved after a little bit of fumbling. 

I have been an SME (Subject Matter Expert) for a "in house" developed custom business program of a reputable worldwide company. Part of my responsibility was to help, train and assist, each time we added, modified, or changed features. I wrote the release notes, and provided support to all users, old and new on how to perform the tasks. I learned that if you do not have the exact same configuration, your procedures or guidelines will invariably fall on the face, because they will work for you, but not for the others.

I was at page 116: Manipulating an adjustment layer mask;

The book illustrates the HSL panel, the context tool bar for the paint brush tool, and the color panel. The adjacent page is the typical before and after photos.

I successfully completed each step until item 8; painting over with the brush tool did not produce any change. After verifying that I had done everything as shown, I tried again, and again. No change.

Obviously, I did not fault the workbook. I was the culprit, not following the steps properly. Clear the board, reload the photo, and.... same! small incursion to page 33, to remind me of the subtleties of the color panel, and back to the grind. No progress.

I knew this procedure was working for the person who wrote it, but he did not offer a full screen shot nor specified any other requirement before painting on the layer mask. 

Has someone from Affinity attempted to go through each of the steps of every tasks proposed in the book, as described? made sure they worked? this is key to the success of a "hands-on" manual.

Another example, when I select the "selection brush" by default, it is in "subtract" mode. I have to click on "add" to get the selection going. Does Affinity have the "subtract" mode as default?

A long story short, the experience and success of the book will be reflected from its accuracy. I will post my full review once I have done all the tasks successfully.

Now experts, why did my painting on the layer mask did not produce the expected reveal of the HSL?


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4 hours ago, pisksix said:

Now experts, why did my painting on the layer mask did not produce the expected reveal of the HSL?

As an SME you will appreciate that we may be able to answer that question more accurately if you can supply a screenshot of when the problem occurs, with the tool selected and showing the full interface of Affinity Photo including the layers panel. Or supply a video showing the problem.

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Its ok, I do not want to turn this into a painful experience. If you have the "preserve Alpha" box ticked, the painting over the mask does not work.

Put it down for your next revision of the workbook;

while I have no idea what "preserve Alpha" does, if it disable the painting on a layer mask, you may want to add a validation check reminding the user. I do not know if "preserve Alpha" is checked by default, or if I enabled it in another panel, but this was what the problem was. 


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