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Optimised for smal images ?

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Hallo dear people from affinity,

first i once again have to admit , that i love your program. s i allready have told you on my post for architectural workflows, i realy want your programm to suceed. And in many areas it is on a good way..

Now i´ve taken a deeper look on viewportspeed.

on my computer with 32 gib ram and a good graphics card, i just compared   affinity photo 1.6 to Photoshop CC 2015.  Both do well, but.......  well on   BIG  images, Photoshop still on my computer seems faster..


i used a 3.5 gB file which taking Photoshop produced 21. gb inside the ram, opening it...      Affinity converted this file to an affinity file and after saving it opened much much much faster as the Photoshop file .. 

and... it also used after opening it only about 6 Gb inside the ram....  very nice...   but on the other hand   zooming , paning and moving inside the document, when using affinity photo, was slower.. new areas of the document alwas had to be redrawn and reconstructed and refined..  this felt  slower... 

for sure on smaler documents affinity feels fast..      So my question is......   affinity just is optimised for smaler images..   less memory, smaler filesizes, faster loading in the beginning,   but when it comes to realy big documents as in my example, photoshop is faster..

so i wished, i had a switch in affinity, to choose from smal files or optimisation for big files, so that in big projects affinity can compare to Photoshop..


heres my screencaptur to show it...



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