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I just made a business card to be printed by a local printing company with a online shop. On their website they recommend to use a bleed of 3mm and a specific color profile for cmyk (iso coated 300%).

Installing the profile and setting the document to those settings are easy in designer! But at exporting I got some issues I do not understand completely, thats why I ask here:

- In my document I have two artboards, one for front and one for back - I assume that the document settings are valid for all artboards in a document!? (color profile and bleed)

- I exported my document as one PDF-file (with two sites in it, one for front and on for back). I exported as PDF x4, including bleed and crop marks, using the document color profile.

- When I open the exported pdf (I work on a iMac), the pdf is of course bigger then the business card, because I added bleed and crop marcs, but the document is more then the 3mm bigger? why? The business card artboard is set to 85mm x 48mm and bleed is set to 3mm on each side...shouldn't be the exported PDF then 85+6mm x 54+6mm? When I set the view of the exported PDF to 100% the distance between the crop marks was correct, but the whole document was about 10mm bigger all around...no big issue, and maybe thats just a PDF-display thing, but I wanted to ask to understand whats going on here...

- If i set a bleed, i cannot find a option to display the bleed around each artboard, maybe that would make things easier?

- The second issue was, that the printing company told me that one of the two sides (remember, I exported one PDF out of one document) where in RGB...how can this be?? The only reason I can immagine are the inserted pics I used (made in affinity photo and exported as PNG in ROMM)...aren´t they converted to the document profile when placed in designer??


The file i added is the one I sent to my printing company...


Thanks for some light into my darkness!



VC - Anna - Endversion - soBestellt.pdf

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My solar system pic is in rgb...and i dont understand why. I added all 4 pics the same way!? (The only difference is a pixel mask I added to the image to hide some details - but the document profile is set to cmyk)


The pic is from the printing company...




Bildschirmfoto 2017-11-02 um 10.53.22.png

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Welcome to the forum Andreas :)


I've just spotted this thread. To get around your issue of the image being in RGB you could try Rasterising the image by right clicking the Image Layer in the Layers Panel - this will convert the image into the Document's colour space which is CMYK. If you're still having issues, please let me know.

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