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Glitches in develop persona

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Hi team,


I noticed a few glitches in the develop persona in the latest beta (Beta 8):



-Open a RAW image and crop it in the develop persona

-Take the white balance picker and draw a rectangle (alt+drag)

= The rectangle gets drawn in the wrong position, but I believe the reference for white balance gets taken from the correct position)



-Open JPG image

-crop the picture in the photo persona

-go into develop persona

-use white balance picker as before (alt+drag)

=Same problem as 1



This one's a little bit harder to reproduce:

-open RAW image in develop persona

-click on any slider (example: brightness) and move it to the side

-quickly release the slider and click somewhere above or below it and drag

=The slider still moves as if one hadn't let go


I hope you can reproduce and fix these little glitches, especially #3 is annoying when you're moving sliders around very quickly.




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