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First impressions

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Like the look of it but will take time to learn as different in many aspects to Ps 

What I noticed before I ran out of steam for now:




COMMAND +Z needs to undo everything including individual preference settings 


font and UI sizes need to go bigger (either that or prefs don;t work)

Help needed finding plug-in support folders-found some but not all

first CR2 file =scary colours - is it trying to translate using xmp sidecar file?like vibrance turned up full on -


Clicking on contrast icon = no effect

double click on effect e.g. 'black' or 'white ' under blackpoint, needs to reset to zero


exposure and blackpoint sliders are too strong


"power' is a daft term


changes dont take full efect until slider is released -leaves clunky squeares


need to be able to nudge (arrow keys) slider by one degree, +other key combo to nudge e.g. by 5


EH! lens correction , ees inna espagole innit? lol ;)


hand tool doesnt move image


cancel closed image with no check



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