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Pixel Snapped Objects results in Float values and Poor Exports

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Hey Affinity. I'll try and make this brief:
1.) I've bought into your Windows Program as soon as it was available because I loved the betas I participated in.
2.) I'm using the program to attempt production quality work and I'm running into issues that are common but they never have a direct answer.

-Assets are created in 200x200 pixel RGB documents (300 D.P.I.)
-Object Creation is created with "Force Pixel Alignment" and "Snap to Margins" set (as well as many other snapping settings that aren't displayed by guides or rules when manipulation occurs)
-All issues occur on Paid version: Windows 10 x64

-Objects snapped to Artboard boundaries are rendered with Aliasing Artifacts. 
-Objects "snapped" to margins aren't truly aligned with margins, scroll in far enough and the placement is off, likely resulting in the artifcats
-Artboard/Canvas doesn't draw accurately when zooming

-I'm needing to create a tilemap, a series of objects sized the same way that can be aligned flawlessly without export/rendering artifacts.
-I've created a full tilemap out of objects that have supposedly "snapped" to the margins and it's full of rendering artifacts (aliasing, object out of place, etc)
-I've attempted to recreate a single tile in a 200x200 shape that results in the same artifacts, blending pixels around margins when I expect a solid color


Finally I ask this:
-All this considered, is there a way to create a 200x200 and eventually a 100x100 object that forces FULL pixel alignment, exports to PNG with Transparency and avoids using Aliasing- or should I find another solution?

I've enjoyed your product for an extensive amount of time, that being said, I've read enough on these forums to see that Pixel-Snapping considers "1/2" steps, results in floats, and exports include the artifacts included. If I had one request; I'd ask you to create a "pixel-perfect" mode that forces objects to fill full pixels, consider the dimensions of the canvas only (no float values) and renders based on the working image (Retina/Pixel view, no aliasing). 

If I'm setting up documents to fail, PLEASE educate me- I'd happily admit I'm wrong if you point me in the right direction, as of now, the work I've spent an excess amount of time is going to require just as long to clean up in other programs to create the desired result.

Good luck, thank you for reading my book.

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  • Staff

Welcome to the forum Vaelent :)


Is it possible to sent me your document so I can look into this further for you? You can Private Message me with a link to your file if you would like to keep it private - I will make sure it's deleted when no longer needed.

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