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I just have a question with regards to the quality/resolution of the images that were processed in Affinity Photo in Ipad. I just noticed that those images that I process through Affinity Photo in iPad were not too sharp after I export it to jpeg. All my settings like the image quality were at 100% before I exported it but when I already posted it in social media like facebook, the quality was not too sharp even it freshly came from developed. Before when I'm doing my photo editing in PS/LS, even I already posted it in facebook, the quality of the image is still there but now it seems no longer sharp after I posted it on Facebook. 


Is there can somebody can help me to sort this out because I'm now doing all the image editing through my ipad but the quality that I want to achieve is not there. I hope there's a way that I can get the quality images that I usually get in processing from LS/PS through my Macbook.


Thanks a lot!

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I reviewed my processed photos, same IQ before or after export.  When you are processing, view the image in 100% or 200%.  At least the image should be sharp in 100% view.  If not, try to increase the clarity slider (in delevelop persona) to see if it helps, otherwise your photo may not be sharp to start with.

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Facebook might be compressing the image. My wife is a blogger and agrees that it appears Facebook compresses some images and that some images suffer and some don't. Try specifying "high resolution" or "high quality" on Facebook when you're importing them there. 


AP still has some bugs that need to be worked out, but if you export the image and it looks fine on your devices as JPEG but is ruined on Facebook, it's not AP screwing it up. 

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Thanks Krist and dinoburner for the comment and suggestion. I tried several types of image format but when I tried to post it in facebook it suddenly looses the quality. Before when I'm still using PS, all the images that I post on Facebook are sharp. What usually type of image format that you are using when exporting your image from affinity photo? Also, all those raw files that I process in Affinity Photo are all sharp before I started to edit it but I'm having a problem in the end when it comes to that quality. 


if this still continue to happen, maybe I will integrate PS in my process for the last part of my editing to achieve the quality of the image that I need. 


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