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How to select open images for stacks or panoramas

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I'm using Capture One Pro 10 (MacOS 10.12.6) for my raw converter. Using the "Edit In..." selection in Capture One allows me to open my files in Affinity Photo and saves the changes back to the PSD or TIFF file created in the process. If I do this with multiple files for stitching, Affinity opens them in tabs, but I can't find anyway to select the open images as the source for stitching. Is there some way to select open files for panos and merges? I can export the files and open them from the selection box but that kind of makes a mess of my workflow.



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Hi PhilR,

Welcome to the forums.

It's not possible to select open files to be used as source files for the stitching or stacking processes. You will need to continue to export them first and then select them from within the Stacks/Panorama windows.

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