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Crop tool issue

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I am having an issue with cropping which might be due to my lack of understanding how cropping works or it might be a bug.


This happens in both stable and in beta versions. It doesn't happen with all the images. When I have an irregular image, for example, 1282x1280px and I want to crop it to be able to export the image to 1200x800 and 600x400, I would follow this workflow:

  • open image and crop it with custom ratio of 600x400
  • I would obtain an image with absolute dimensions of 1282x854
  • while exporting the image would stick to 600x400 dimensions, but when I would go higher it would offer me 1200x799 (if I go even higher, like 12000width, I would get 7994px for height instead of 8000)

This lets me think that while cropping the tool isn't being precise allows for some partial pixel cropping which leads to this situation.


As I said before, maybe my workflow is flawed and I need to first change the absolute dimensions of the image itself and then use absolute dimensions in crop tool too to keep the precision, but for me it looked easier to crop using custom ratio option and then exporting my image in needed sizes (it's easier this way if I need to do it for 30 images).

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