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  1. Would it be possible to add percentual resizing to the batch processing? At the moment *50% doesn't do anything and simply 50% is converted to 50px. Thanks
  2. Any possibility to add Reset Rotation like in other apps? I can't find anywhere and it's so easy to accidentally rotate using a touchpad. Thanks. Would be also great an option to disable modification of values with a mouse. For example, when scrolling paragraph panels inside the right tab, the scrolling would halt any time the pointer hovers a field that can be modified by a mouse scroll which is a bit annoying.
  3. Yes, guys. Please, this issue has been such a nuisance since forever. It is impossible to work with the material that has to be imported (AI or EPS). Each time I need to do something about it I have to uncover my wife's old PC where she still has CS6 installed to export those graphics as raster images or if there are no transparencies I duplicate the layers a couple of times which is so not cool and a complete work around rathe than solution. It would be such a relieve if either @MEB or somebody else could just say if there is any possibility this issue might get solved soon. Or at least maybe there is some adjustment we can tinker with to solve it.
  4. nik_sol

    changing fonts crashes

    Thanks MEB! Hope you can narrow it down. Just to point out that this happens only from time to time and only when I double click resetting the frame size. Dragging borders of the frame don't cause any issue.
  5. nik_sol

    changing fonts crashes

    Don't even have them installed on this machine.
  6. nik_sol

    changing fonts crashes

    Hi MEB! Not sure what you mean about scaled resolution. If it is monitor size - I am on 13'.
  7. nik_sol

    changing fonts crashes

    I have also noticed when working with Frame Text Tool if you try to double click to reset the frame size it also kills the application. Though I should say that behaviour is situational, because some frames are reset flawlessly and some keep killing the application even after reopening the app.
  8. nik_sol

    [AD+AP] Exporting Tif

    Actually I think Affinity Photo is using LZW by default as Affinity Photo tiff exports are much, much smaller than uncompressed made through photoshop. Hopefully the feature to choose the type of compression is included in the next update.

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