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Exporting to SVG either breaks the formatting or becomes a raster image

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When exporting the document to SVG, no matter what settings I change I consistantly get one of two outcomes. 


1.) --- The SVG becomes a rastered image when the export settings are set to rasterise unsupported properties.



2.) --- The SVG becomes broken,


(Only the mask for the handlebars seems to work. All Shadow shapes display unmasked and the shapes used as masks seem to be released. Them being released also means that they are a layer above the Shadow layers)


There are no effects on any layers, although there were previously. I had been experimenting with adding a stroke to the outside of the primary NewBike group. I have read multiple other threads that I thought might solve my solution, however nothing is working. 


Here is the working file





I appreciate any help. My only other option is paying a month for Creative Cloud to trace a PNG of the work I've done so far. And I seriously don't want to have to considering I just purchased this. I have a Windows machine and my version is a stable release. I believe version 1.5. this was downloaded half a week ago.

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I d-loaded the .afdesign, went to export persona, selected .svg for export, print and flatten (everything) & flatten (nothing.), and saved. Every thing looks fine in Inkscape, displays properly in both Chrome and Firefox _except_ for the copy I saved set as flatten nothing, which produced the same as you showed. Flatten everything worked fine.


But if you want a .png, why not just export as that? Affinity gives the same result as an .svg saved as .png from Inkscape.

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The document has a lot of groups and layers with a blend mode of Normal instead of Passthrough. This is causing most of the rasterisation. I think it is a bug - it is causing the group to be treated as isolated even though in this case it would make no difference. If so I'll get it fixed. Meanwhile, changing the groups and layers to Passthrough in the Layers panel should improve things.

A few things, such as the spokes, will still be rasterised which I think is because of how they use clipping to a group. These are the elements which go wrong if you switch off Rasterise unsupported effects. It's expected they go wrong because they currently need to be rasterised.

Gdenby, I think Chunky wants an SVG with as little rasterisation as possible, not a PNG.

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