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Hi, new user who has to possibly make a hardware purchase decision before I get back to my computer next week to test my theory. I want to know if Afinity has the ability to stitch together photos in 2 dimensions.  An example would be a panorama with 2 rows of photos, one row containing the foreground and horizon, and the second row to capture the sky immediately above the foreground pics.  I have seen many youtube vids showing this as a built-in capacity to Adobe products, but I have not been able to find any Afinity related discussion on the web.


The reason I want to do this has two reasons pertaining to medium format (120 film).  First, I have started shooting 120 film again, and am looking to find a quality method to scan them in with proportionally high resolution (please, no responses telling me I dont need that high resolution "since most people look at images on a electronic screen", and I already have an Epson 750, which produces unsatisfactory results).

There seems to be very promising results by directly imaging 120 film with a DSLR mounted on a stand directly over back-lit film.  Unfortunately, if I capture the whole negative with one shot of my DSLR, I am now working at the resolution of a 35mm camera, which defeats the purpose of why I shoot medium format.  I have seen wonderful scans made from 4 or more images of the film (moving the camera or film between each shot where by each shot covers a different section of the negative).  Then the 4 (or more) shots are stitched together by software, giving you a high res digital negative.  All of the tutorials I have watched do this in photoshop or lightroom, which has the ability to do this automatically.  Can Afinity Photo do this?  


If not, I imagine I could create  2 panoramas (one for each row of the negative) and then stitch those two panoramas together, but would prefer automation.  FYI the other reason I want to do this is to achieve higher resolution with my DSLR by taking multiple images of the subject in the same way I would shoot the negatives mentioned earlier in my post.



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Hi M1GarandUSA,


This is possible in Affinity Photo, the same rules will apply to any panorama, there will need to be a small overlap between each shot, but Affinity Photo is capable of stitching all the images together.  From speaking to one of our QA guys this has come up on the form before, but we can't find the link to show the example.  I'd also recommend using a tripod, as i just tried doing this using my phone camera and  got a very odd shaped final image, but this is just due to a wobbly hand and lack of tripod :)

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