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Size limit on stacks

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Will we ever be able to create stacks of any resolution, or at least something sensibly limited by memory and not just this tiny 1080 on the short edge? The HDR merge and stack features are practically useless because it resizes to such low resolutions. I can’t even make a wallpaper for my phone with this.

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Hi Chen,

Welcome to Affinity Forums :)
We don't limit the short edge to 1080px. Something is not working as it should. Can you give us more details about what you are doing? Which iOS version are you running - iOS 10.3 or iOS11 Beta? Are you importing the source files from Apple Photos or iCloud (or another cloud service)? Are you importing JPG's or RAW's (which format/camera if that's the case)?


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I am doing this on an iPad 10.2 running ios11 importing RAW only files from the system gallery, not iCloud.

i just tried this again, it resizes everything to 1080 on the short side. I tried with raw files that have just been imported, as well as files that have already been edited with photoshop touch, which generates what seems to be full size JPEGs in place. I have even tried straight and simple JPEG images. However the resulting files always have 1080 pixels on the short edge. The only exception I have found so far is doing this with ipad screenshots, it works with the original size.


i am using a Sony a6500 camera.

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