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Giving up on AP for iPad FOR NOW

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I had issue with my Raw photos, taken with my Canon 5D Mark III, imported into my MBP's Apple Photos, opening in AP for iPad even after the 1.6.3 update.  All I got was a "Loading from Photos" msg forever.  Asked about it on this forum with no answers. So, I deleted the App reinstalled it, kept trying that w/no success, until 3rd time. Wala, success, a Raw photo loaded and even Develop Persona showed up.  I was one happy camper.  Even tho after editing/exporting/sharing/save image, the jpeg is 31 mb.

Then my 2 week old 12.9" iPad Pro began issues with its backup to iCloud.  As in, it would not.  Apple CS did all they could, ran diagnostics (no issues w/ipp found).  So advised me to Reset/Erase All Settings and setup as a new iPad, initially I had setup this new iPad up with the last backup from iCloud of my previous iPad.   If that didn't work, an Apple Store/Genius Bar visit was required.  So, I was lucky, that procedure is now allowing backup to iCloud to work.  BUT, that of course, caused me to have to download from my Purchased Apps, Affinity Photo for iPad AGAIN.  I am now back to my original issue of raw photos not loading.  I have tried the delete app/reinstall four times now with no success this time.

So, for now, AP for iPad, is shelved.  I will try it again after each update it gets, hoping for use in the future.  The few days I was able to use it, along with my Apple Pencil, I loved it, even more than editing in AP on my MBP.

This post is nothing more than a vent so feel free to ignore it.  So long til later, I hope!

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