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Pen tool curved corner anchor in Photo iOS

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Hi all,


I'm working in Infinity Photo iOS on my iPad Pro and need to make a selection using the Pen tool. I can't figure out how to make a sharp anchor point to join two curved paths (please see attached). Normally in Photoshop, I'd hold down the alt/option key and click on the anchor to activate the "V" corner feature so I can adjust the two tangent handles independently, but I don't have this ability on the iPad. I tried the "Sharp" and "Smooth" bottoms in the Node mode, but they just toggle between straight-lined joints and curved lives without a corner. The path handling tool doesn't seem to be too intuitive, and I need to use the Pen tool to make precise selections. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


Also, is there a feature like Photoshop's "Exclude Overlapping Shapes" or "Intersect Shape Areas"? I find that when I create a smaller shape within a large shape, the large shape disappears.


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Hi DangerX,

Welcome to Affinity Forums :)

Tap the Pen Tool to select it, then tap again to open a popover with the Node Too and select it. With the Node Tool selected tap the node you want to convert to a Sharp node, and drag the segments around that node to get the node's handles again but this time they will look like as in your screenshot. Adjust them as needed. Affinity Designer for iPad (in development) will have more advanced controls for this and hopefully some of them may be ported back to Photo.


For boolean operations between shapes, select both shapes (tap and swipe on each thumbnail's layer to the right to select multiple shapes/layers) then go to the commands menu on top (the three dots icon) and select Geometry and then the boolean operation you want to perform.

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Thanks for your assistance! However, when I tapped Pen Tool to select it > then tap again to open a popover > select Node Tool >  selected the node I want to convert to a Sharp node > drag the segments around that node to get the node's handles, it just moves the node around without giving me any individual adjustable handles. It doesn't feel all that precise.  :mellow: 


But thanks! I'll continue to play around with it. I may use this app for other purposes.

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Oooohhh... drag the adjacent path connecting the node...! It worked! Thanks MEB! I really appreciate your help!


Unfortunately this app just froze on me and I lost my paths.  :wacko: Ah well. When's v1.5 coming out? ;)

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