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AFP- selecting multiple layers

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Is there any way to select multiple, non-contiguous, nested (child) adjustment layers, in the same way as they can be selected when they are not nested, i.e. cmd-clicking the layer's name?


I don't really see the reasoning behind this behaviour being different when nested, but doubtless there is a reason.

Grumpy, but faithful (watch out all you cats)

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It's likely because they have been added as 'Mask Layers'.  Although Adjustment Layers will still work OK like this, if you add them as 'Clipping Layers' instead, you will be able to select them individually by CMD/CTRL clicking them.


Drag them so you see the shorter horizontal blue line underneath the main layer (Clipping Layer), rather than dragging them on top of the main layer thumbnail where you see the small blue vertical line to the right of the thumbnail (Mask Layer).  Video link below. 


In addition, when CMD/CTRL clicking, make sure to click to the layer itself rather than on the thumbnails.


Video Link:
Affinity Photo - Clipping vs Masking

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Thanks Sima.


Wow ... not something you're likely to stumble across by accident.  I think Serif need to rethink this a bit.


Having 2 different ways of nesting adjustments, which have no difference on their behaviour as a adjustments, but do on their selectioning, is kind of odd.  Adjustment layers should really always be added as clipping masks, since being able to select them non-contiguously is useful.  Why add unnecessary confusion when life is already confusing enough?

Grumpy, but faithful (watch out all you cats)

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