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Layer operation. Is paste inside and clipping the same?

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There are things that I do not know for some of the layer operations.
1. Is paste inside of layer operation the same as clipping?
What is different unless it is the same?
2. If you attach the background layer to the pixel layer under the horizontal blue line to the left in the attached file called clipping, what does the vertical blue line mean to put on the bottom right?
The explanation of paste inside of help was difficult for me to understand, so please look at the attached file if you are in trouble like me.
Thank you.


paste inside.afphoto

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  • Staff

Hi deer,

Yes Edit ▸ Paste Inside or dragging a layer over another (horizontal blue line) in the layers panel - Clipping it- it's the same thing/produces the same result. It's what you have done in your file.


If you drop a layer over another layer's thumbnail (the vertical blue line on the right of the thumbnail appears when you do this) it means you are using the dropped layer as a mask (Masking). In this case the mask becomes nested (not clipped) to the main layer -> collapse the main layer and you will see the mask's thumbnail appearing on the right of the main layer's thumbnail (this doesn't happen with clipping)


Here's a video tutorial that explains the difference between clipping and masking: Affinity Photo - Clipping vs Masking

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Thank you for always doing a polite explanation.


The right side becomes a mask.
The image becomes black of the mask and the surroundings of the image become white.
Leftward becomes clipping.
It is pasted inside the layer.
Then I think that (clipping = paste inside), why do you have two designations?
The explanation of the help also has clipping and paste inside.
Is it me only a little strange feeling?
Even so,
The explanation of MEB is always accurate and easy to understand.
thank you very much.
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