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Some Features, I would like to see.

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Simple things first:


1. Path Simplification - esp. on expanded Strokes | since my first post (AD v1.3) highlighted the problems with it. 

2. Textbox Linking (perhaps more a Publisher feature but would be handy here too - remember Aldus/Macromedia Freehand?!) 

3. Perspective Grid 

4. Photoshop/Illustrator swatch / palette converter?!


More complicated (i think)


1.  A 3D Rotation tool... | for instance to rotate / correct perspective / on a text layer or vector group. 

     No extrusion (looks always awful), just z-depth, perspective and rotation 


2. Clever curves, curve/spline & handle interaction?!  For a lack of examples: like: Astute Graphics VectorScribe / InkScribe





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