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Swatch Labels don't update with switching colors - CMYK

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!!! - When setting a CMYK swatch - I update the swatch color but the label does not change, meaning I am looking at the wrong color numbers when making sure all my colors match and are ready for printing. Not good. Too time consuming to tweak the color and manually insert the color code every time.


- and please, please turn off auto switching color to tint, it's EXTREMELY time consuming to reset the box every time I hit a global color.

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hi jgarza


The swatch name is not not directly linked to the swatches colour. This is done on creation as the swatch has no name initially, however if you had a custom name for the swatch than you would not want it reverting to show the colour values if you edited the colour. Having both the name and the swatch value displayed might not be such a bad idea though. I shall move this to the feature requests section for both the swatch colour and your suggestion about the tint slider



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