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Hey all.

I'm currently trying out Affinity on the trial and first impressions are fantastic.There's a lot I really like but unfortunately I digital paint more than anything else and I'm finding the program borderline unusable on that front.

I'm sure there's some options somewhere that I haven't found that can help so any advice would be hugely greatful.

1. The biggest problem I'm having is to do with the layers. When I click a new layer and start painting it'll work fine for a while but for no reason as far as I can tell, the paint will just stop showing on the page. When I select the layer and try to paint, the assistant tells me it's added a new raster layer but still nothing. I've tried using my mouse button to check it's not my tablet but nothing. It just adds another pixel layer underneath the main layer every time I click on it. I have to keep restarting the program to be able to paint again.

2. The second problem I have is the eyedropper tool. I have 2 documents open at the same time next to each other when I paint sometimes. In Photoshop for example I can just select the eyedropper grab a colour from the other document and continue painting when needed. In Affinity, the selected colour doesn't transfer over between documents.

3. The third problem is again to do with switching documents. If I have the paintbrush selected in one document, then select the second document to zoom in or whatever, when I return to the first document it defaults back to the move tool.

Sorry for moaning on but I really like this program and want it to be my go to for everything but these problems just completely kill the flow of painting. Any help appreciated. Thanks.

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  • Staff

Hi Jamie,

Welcome to the forums.


I can't seem to reproduce the issue when using the brushes, try creating a new layer first and having it selected on the Layers Panel, then switch to the Paint Brush Tool. It won't matter if you use vector or raster, everything will be contained within that layer.


Try using the Colour Picker Tool on the Colour Panel. You can select any colour that is visible on screen or switch to another open document and select a colour.


I also can't seem to reproduce the issue of the tool defaulting back. With two documents open I use the Paint Brush Tool on one, switch to the other and insert a shape. Switch back to the first and the Paint Tool is still selected.


If you have any steps that I can follow to reproduce the issues you have, please let me know. Can you let me know which OS you're using, and the version of the trial.

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Hi Lee. Thanks for getting back to me.

I've tried what you suggested and still no luck. It seems to be more of an issue with the brush than the layers as vector brushes are fine. When I try and paint, I get the prompt that a new pixel layer has been added but no paint appears. The only thing that happens is if i press my pen or mouse button once then a dot of the selected colour appears but the stroke doesn't continue. Is it possible to post videos on here as that might highlight the problem more clearly?

The other two issues are fine now. I noticed the colour picker icon on the colour panel which stores a colour you select from any document which is useful. I just needed to get used to switching back and forth with the tools too. 

Thanks again.

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