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[SOLVED] Resizing "pen strokes" with image

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I've created a Greek Key design using the pen tool, and then connected the individual strokes using "Join Curves" in the node tool. Now the entire design is treated as a whole, like I'm wanting. However, when I select the image, then resize it by dragging the corner boxes, the white space between the strokes shrinks down, but the strokes themselves stay the same width. 


How can I make it so that the whole thing stays in the proper ratio when resizing?


Thanks in advance!

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Perfect, thank you! One more related question:


When dragging from the corner box to resize, is there a way to force it so that the vertical and horizontal adjustment are the same? Right now when holding the corner box you can move it horizontal and vertical independent of the each other, meaning unless you're careful, it's easy to squish an image. 

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  • Staff

Hi Somnus,

If you press and hold ⇧ (shift) it will scale proportionately.

You will note that this however doesn't work the same for other types of objects. For text and (raster) images, Affinity will keep their proportions by default without the need to press ⇧ (shift) key. For other types of objects - curves,  shapes, groups etc -  you will have to press ⇧ (shift). The reason for this is: for objects with an intrinsic aspect ratio, like text and images, you probably won't want to change their proportions most of the time and so there's no need to press any modifier key, for the rest there's no reason to constrain them by default so you only press a modifier when you do want to keep its proportions. If you wish you can change the default behaviour for this in Affinity Preferences, Tools section - Move Tool Aspect Constrain dropdown and switch between the default behaviour (Automatic), or always constrain or not.

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