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I'd love to see a the following additions and fixes to the Channel Mixer feature:


  • Ability to output to Grayscale from RGB. Currently, this is a bit cumbersome since it requires the user to set identical slider settings for 3 different channels (R, G, and B). The current Grayscale setting is only of rather limited use since it only supports Gray and Alpha as input channels.
  • Access to "Spare Channels" as Affinity calls them. Ideally, these would show up in the Channel Mixer as additional sliders.
  • An "Auto Normalize" checkbox. While sometimes a change in output luminosity is desired, I often find myself unnecessarily wasting time trying to manually normalize the output using the sliders once I'm theoretically happy with my balance.
  • Use an NSSegmentedControl or similar instead of a popup for selecting the current channel (goes for multiple place in the UI). The popup requires an unnecessary additional click every time the user wants to switch between channels.
  • When typing a value into an edit box and then switching channel without changing focus to another input field first, the value that was typed in is currently discarded and not applied.

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Here is another suggestion: Support for additional color spaces. This very interesting video (using DaVinci Resolve) is a great example of what can be done by using YUV/YCbCr and HSL.


It also shows that Resolve has a "Preserve Luminance" setting, which is what I was referring to by "Auto Normalize" in my original post. While calling it "Preserve Luminance" is clearer for RGB, that terminology actually becomes misleading when using color spaces that separate luma and chroma, as seen in the video.

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