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[ADe] Missing Tools

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Dear AD developers team

As a new customer using Affinity Designer, after using Illustrator from version 7, I miss some tools.


I understand Affinity Designer is a young application and it can't have all the tools a software like Illustrator has. But I hope my request to be fullfilled.


My needs: What I mostly do (did) with Illustrator, is create simple graphics, with a maximum of 3 colors. Most of the work consist of clean and create closed paths that I'll work later on a CNC.


Here are some of my most used tools.



The "Magic Wand" is very useful and it one of my most used tools. I've not been able to find it in AD, if it's there.

I can live without the "Shape Builder Tools". Before Adobe introducing this tool, I used a combination of Divide, Magic Wand, Unite. Mostly to create a closed shape for each color.


Other commands I use very often, quite for every work, are



Average = to overlap two points

Join = to join the two points into one


The Cleanup tool cleanup.png

Since I have to export my paths to CNC, I must be sure there are not hidden paths, Stray points or other things that are not closed paths.


I've seen this feature requested already


It's extremely useful to have a wide range of selection tools.


Actually, seems like AD, when using the distribute command, use the Top-Left anchor as reference.

Being able to use a Key Object would be way better



Another things I'm missing:

- Offset command

- "mm" as unit for the Stroke panel, I just work in mm

- Being able to set a Layer as template (for tracing works)


Last thing, for now.


I found no way in AD to quickly know if there is a hidden object somewhere.


What I do with Illustrator is raw vector manipulation, I need these kind of tools for my daily work.

I wish you could add such tools as soon as possible.


Thank you.

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