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  1. As a concept artist and matte painter I would love to see a filter/tool/etc to allow us to quickly build a perspective grid based on points/nodes and paths. Or have it built into the in software grid system that we can manually set in an options panel. I attached two examples from photoshop, that is able to be done swiftly via a plugin.
  2. there are tutorials for nukeX to create what your looking for that could translate over into designer or photo. will take a few extra steps but possible. but none the less I +1 a more simple way to do this
  3. The only way I know to get around this so far in AD is create art boards at the size reqs you need and move each art piece into each artboard. Then select each artboard, press export, set the export features you need and instead of using "whole document" set it to "selection with/without background." If their is a better way then I do not know. But the export functionality in AD and APh are far from press ready at this point in time
  4. export is lagging severely on a document that normally takes me seconds in adobe or other software.
  5. Swampcat

    Shape Builder Tool

    I agree, having to go to a separate sequence/workflow is a nuisance when having to get stuff done quick. I'm a little surprised it wasn't added way earlier
  6. Swampcat

    [ADe] Missing Tools

    I can live without the magic wand, but throw the blend tool in their and I'm set
  7. You can get around this to a certain degree by going into the # of copies in the print panel and typing in 1, 1, 1, ...etc up to the desired amount. Though yes there should be an easier way
  8. I would love for #28 to be in sooo bad, it would save me so much time in my workflow
  9. I couldn't agree more. but id like to see the option to work with either or depending on the project.
  10. Swampcat

    Introduce Yourself

    Hi I'm Deven, graphic artist, matte painter, concept artist, print focused graphic designer, new to affinity designer but hope to stay with the software! :)
  11. Is there a way in the settings, to remove the slicing function. I am primarily a print designer. With the workflows I'm generally use to I find I'm spending way to much time and effort having to deal with removing/fixing slices for a multi artboard/l / front and back design much.