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I am a new convert to Affinity, and so far it is the best thing going in my world.  It has all the features I need and more.  My problem is my transition from Adobe products.  


Others have complained about the size of the icons down the left side of the screen and I too would like larger icons as I learn.  I have plenty of screen real-estate with multiple monitors etc, so larger icons would be a big help with no down side.


What would be an ever bigger help is text labels on each icon.  There are over 100 tiny icons, and each just might make sense to the originating programmer, and they may eventually make sense to me, but until I learn, having the ability to turn on a text label to the right of the icon would make my learning process much faster and just might increase the speed of adoption of your great software by others.


You already have text labels on the icons across the top and the ones on the left, so how about some on the  right.  I can hear the programmers now: "That is not possible because there can be multiple columns of icons with multiple languages." My reply is as I stated at the start of this request - Screens are cheep and most of us have plenty of screen real-estate so if I select labels, make columns of icons with labels.  As for languages, I suspect if you asked, there would be hundreds of volunteers to provide translated labels.   Yes it will be less elegant, and it will take up lots of screen space, but it would make my life and the life of other adopters much, much easier.


As a side note, that is why I do not use Olympic brand cameras.  They only have icons for functions and I was unable to operate the camera without a manual in my hand and I tried for over 3 months. This is where I am with your software today.  Nikon has a better answer I can read the screen in english for every function.  Could you please follow Nikon not Olympic!


Finally - Thank you for an excellent replacement for Adobe products.  I only commented to make an excellent product even better.  You will be receiving more of my money even though I need to keep a paper manual nearby with function names.



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Hi APhotoWizard,

Welcome to Affinity Forums :)

If you mouse hover the icons/buttons a few moments they will display a tooltip with the name/function of the icon. You can set the tooltip delay in the Preferences, User Interface section. Hope this helps a little.

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