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Can I get the last version of affinity photo that worked on mac 10.8.5 please !!! 1.5 versions period does not work I can't open raw files with out it constantly crashing it's totally unsuable for me now ! I only have 10.8.5 still because of other apps that no longer support the newer OS and I can't move forward yet can I please just get that last version again please! Nothing was wrong with the last version either I just updated because it said it was compatible and every update has been awesome but this last update is not for me and I cannot edit .cr2 files or .dng files anymore. Give me the last working 1.4 version please and thank you.

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Welcome to the forum gocrazystudios :)


It's not possible to download the older versions of our apps from the Mac App Store but this is a known issue and has been reported here. You can download an updated beta here that should fix this issue :)

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