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Since Adobe has went to subscription payment on all thei software like Microsoft. I have been looking for compatible replacements. My main use for Photoshop is not editing and enhancing photos but to create headlines and save as pngs for use in other programs. I also use actions to create mock ups that create CD covers, magazine cover looks etc. I also would like to be able to use and modify the headline files I currently have which are in PSD for,at. How much of this will Affinity do? I am also looking for an Indesign replacement. I have never liked renting software. I current use CS6 on my Macintosh and don't want to be forced to CC one day.


Mike Hughes

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Hi Mike,


For the use of creating headlines and exporting to png Affinity software will serve just fine. I would probably prefer it to Adobe CC because of the more direct access to opentype features. (Both Designer and Photo btw.)


-Actions are available in Photo and are called 'macros'.


-PS smart objects are not yet supported, so if you use those to create mock-ups or want to use existing mock-up PSD-files with smart objects you're out of luck. You can apply a live (smart) mesh distortion/perspective filter to an object in Photo.


-Affinity does open PSD-files but not all features are supported. It should import text just fine, but you could wait for the trial version for Windows and try to import some of your PSD-files.


-Affinity doesn't have a live preview of export compression yet. (Like PS 'save for web'.)

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Thanks Biscuit. If I could convert my actions and smart object files would be great. I thought Macros were the same as actions. Now some way to convert all those actions to what Designer needed. What about patterns that is another area bitting me with my styles, especially my retro text styles.

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