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[AD+APu] Proper Guides, Baseline, etc...

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Ability to generate columns

As a web designer, I need to set up grids really fast. Photoshop for instance adapted these guys' method - http://guideguide.me/- and even-though they haven't got it right yet, I still use it a lot.


Ability to generate a Baseline

As for baseline grids ( http://blog.invisionapp.com/design-snack-7-baseline-grids-in-web-ui-design/), I currently maken patterns in photoshop s described in this article. https://www.smashingmagazine.com/2011/11/establishing-your-grid-in-photoshop/. Generating this overlay and enabling snapping to the baseline like in indesign would be something unprecedented ( well maybe aside from a sketch plugin or two )


Generate the baseline and text styles with a modular scale

http://www.modularscale.com/ seeing as the baseline is usually generated together with the text. A combination of these two doesn't seem so crazy i'd reckon.


On a sidenote

When watching the video ( https://affinity.serif.com/en-gb/ui-design-software/ ) about the UI capabilities of this software I find the part about the guides a bit misleading in all honesty. Look at this beautiful grid, creating it however is a bit of hassle, but you can toggle the visibility... Don't get me wrong I'm happy with the product you are supplying, especially at this price, but this feels a tad like false advertisement.

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Welcome to the Serif Affinity forums :)


Thanks for the suggestion and useful links. I think that Affinity Designer may get these features but I am sure that a number of them also belong as suggestions for Affinity Publisher. I have tagged and modified the title accordingly.


The video is done in real time, what is misleading about guides? They can be made on the guides dialog for more accuracy, and yes you may want to make them carefully for real work, but we are just demonstrating a principle.

Patrick Connor
Serif (Europe) Ltd.

Latest releases on each platform 

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Hi, sorry for the late reply, I thought I would get a notice or something :)


What I found misleading is that you show a nice guides setup by toggling the view but not how you came by them. I found the actual approach a bit lacking when you are selling your product as software for UI design. 


If you look at the way sketch handles its guide layout you'll notice that you can re-iterate very fast and across devices by using amounts of columns and gutters with fixed pixel widths. A setup with only percent also won't cut it here. Adding them one by one is too slow to be cost effective. 

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