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I click on the button on the welcome screen to download the UI Kit, I am taken to a page and prompted to enter my name, email address, etc., and then I am presented with a message saying, "You've already registered this email address."


And that's it. No download button for the UI Kit. Nothing.


Is there any other way to download this?

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Telling a user that their email address is already registered has nothing to do with downloading. It simply tells the user something they already know. What does that have to do with downloading any thing? Users are expecting a link. Instead they hit a dead end.


If, on the other hand, there is some message that actually refers to the UI Kit (such as "check your email for download link"), that would make sense. (There is some degree of irony that the UI for the UI Kit download doesn't include a UI element for downloading something.)



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Hi, I also cannot download the UI kit.  I followed the instructions from within Affinity 1.5, then the online form, then the email link, and then I get to the final page which says "download", but when I click on the download button, the page never loads.  I always get the message "The connection has timed out. The server at s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com is taking too long to respond."  I have tried on several different days and always had the same problem.  Is there a faster mirror I could use?  I was able to download Affinity just fine.

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Hi Affinity,

When I bought Affinity in 2017 for the first time, I got the UI Kit link in email and it worked.  But now, when my notebook just re-installed, I want to download the UI kit again but the link page said "Page Not Found". Is there another way to get the UI Kit again?

Edit: Hi, the problem solved.  I contacted Affinity Facebook and I got new link. Thanks Affinity !

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