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I am using Affinity Designer to letter comics, and I think there's (at least) one function missing that could spare us a lot of work: Many hand-lettering fonts have to be used in lower case, so first, I would need an option that would put text in lower case. If this option could be expanded to all the text in a document (or in every selected documents when you add scripting to your apps), that would be great, but that's not all: when you letter comics, every character has to be in lower case save one: the capital "i" which has to be "

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I am typing it in lowercase, but with the Comicraft and Blambot fonts I am using, the text often looks uppercase even when it's in lowercase, so every time I am trying to type a text in lowercase, there's always some uppercase character creeping in, especially at the beginning of a phrase, or with names. I always need to check the text afterwards. The faster way to check the text at this time is to cut and paste it into a BBEdit Text file, put it in lowercase if need be, check the "i"s, then paste the corrected text in the balloon. I could also change the font to a more classical font in the balloon, correct it, then change it back again to the previous font, but the first method is faster for me because I'm not using menu items to do it (that said, having a font manager integrated to the Affinity Apps could simplify this process)

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