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Hi, I came across a strange mistake. I'll start from the beginning. I'm working on a brochure, with bend in the middle , so I started doing it in final form (that how it's should look like). I thought that i can join it through the export persona and converted to pdf and with bleeds and crop marks like here (
). However, when i combine the two artboards, the bleed disappear after export. So I decided to dived the pages manually by the squares and then reoorder the pages for the finall print. But when i copy the pages each half has a different color. When I give duplicate, so it will not. I do not know if it's a bug in the program or just an incorrect settings or using affinity.
Thanks for the reply. I hope this is not too confusing post :)

PS: look at the attached file. It's quire obvious that each half has different color.


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OK so, here is a few documents https://we.tl/HlVSN0XRsr. The partner_guide.afdesign is my original file, that i want to export to pdf as booklet, so it should look like this file partner_guide_print.afdesign. I want pdf that has include bleed and crop marks. Unfortunetely i thougt that i will be able to export the original file via export persona. But i find out that when i use export persona, it didn't include bleed. I don't know why. Maybe i do something wrong. So i figured out this procedure like in the file partner_guide_print.afdesign, in here i use simple squares and i was put the pages into it. But it didn't workout also. How i wrote earlier, when i copy the page, something get wrong with the color, but when i duplicated it, everything remains the same. This was the first problem. Second problem was the printing, i try to print out the file partner_guide_print_9.pdf but it's didn't happend. The booklet was damage, and somewhere under some objects was black squares instead of transparency. So i try to rasterize everything, and look what happened, file partner_guide_print_rastr.pdf.


So, maybe i'm just stupid and I'm using affinity wrong :D In normal case i would do this in InDesign, but i love your Aff Designer so I must to try this to find out if there is such a thing possible. I know that Aff Design is not made for publishing, but i think it's a great program for small booklets or posters, so i'm trying to make this booklet in your program.


Thanks for respond

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