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Andy Somerfield

Affinity Photo Customer Beta (1.5 - Beta 5)

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Hey Frank,


Thanks for the heads up - we are aware of a number of things which are currently totally hosed in 32-bit mode - I hadn't seen the Gaussian one though..


I'll get on it..




ps. Any chance you could demo the LUT thing (ie. with example LUTs, files)? It will be a simple bug, but I need to see it to fix it..


Weird things. As I prepped the demo file using my own LUTs for you I noticed that only some of them lead to grey clipping and it mostly occurs when I put a 16-Bit origin image into 32-Bit space. This could be related to gaussian blur's issue. I'll do some more tests to see if I can narrow down what's causing it. It's only happening in Affinity, not in Nuke, not in Lattice, not in Resolve. So something clearly clashes. Is it possible the LUT layers aren't unbound? The OCIO transform work on point. I'll PM you a test file.


For testing I'm using ACES 1.0.1 and the OCIO test image 'clodoc_2k_lnh.exr'.

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