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I'm trying to create a 960-grid system using AD/s (grid and snapping axis), the only problem is there is NO gutter for the left side of the document. Is it possible to create a gutter for the left-side of the document?




Guides work but can get in the way when using a 10px baseline for aligning objects the zooming in and out, and toggling hide/show guides is a pain and slows down productivity.








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Hi doeboy,

No, currently there's no way to control document's left gutter or origin.

Regarding the guides, you don't have to use them for everything. You can use lines (objects) or filled rectangles for the columns inside a single locked layer which you can hide easily through the Layers panel as required. You can even use different layers for different types of "grids" (baseline, columns etc) as you see fit. Just set the appropriate snapping options (Snap to object bounding boxes and midpoints etc) to be able to use them as if they were grids.







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