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  1. First Learn HTML5 Using Bootstrap 4 while it's still in its alpha stage is like using AD or AP Betas for production work you are bound to run into bugs.
  2. I recently purchased the huion 610pro, does anyone know how to disable the sounds for zooming in/out (Mac)?
  3. on a side note when you download brushes from http://www.miguelboto.com/affinity/resources/ some of these brushes are only made for Affinity Designer so don't panic if you install some of these brushes for Affinity Photo and you don't see them after the import.
  4. similar to what photoshop uses to manage and view brushes.
  5. Pretty Please give AD and AP a way to manage brushes
  6. It would really be nice to see a limit put on the "physical dimension" of uploaded images to the forum.
  7. This is a bummer, its the last chance to get 20% the AD workbook.. no job + no $$ = no AD Workbook for me.
  8. Hello, How can I convert or find the correct color for Pantone 18-2436 in AD?
  9. Nice site ! Are the items listed AD or AP specific?
  10. I found the Color Palette Importer from the mac app store for only $0.99 ..
  11. I was wishing for the same .. I found the Color Palette Importer $0.99 on mac app store.
  12. Thanks @MEB for the quick reply I'll sure give one of the options a try. Thanks
  13. I'm trying to create a 960-grid system using AD/s (grid and snapping axis), the only problem is there is NO gutter for the left side of the document. Is it possible to create a gutter for the left-side of the document? Guides work but can get in the way when using a 10px baseline for aligning objects the zooming in and out, and toggling hide/show guides is a pain and slows down productivity.
  14. NO plans for actions/macro persona. I have 100's of action/macros going to waste, having to take the long road to get things done. I'm thinking it just may be worth reinstalling PS.
  15. whats the best way to enhance freckles?
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