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OpenType GPOS support

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In the release notes for Affinity Designer Customer Beta (1.0.19988), you say "Implemented OpenType GPOS support". 


Could you be more specific? 


I just tested Arial Version 5.01.2x with the text "ną̊́n" (U+006E U+0061 U+030A U+0301 U+0328 U+006E), which utilizes the font’s built-in "mark" and "mkmk" GPOS features, which should normally be on by default. 


Here is an image showing how the text is rendered in Affinity Designer, Apple TextEdit (OS X 10.10), Microsoft Word 2011 and Adobe Illustrator 2014.1. As you can see, in all the apps except Affinity Designer, the diacritical marks are attached at their correct positions, thanks to the GPOS positioning done by "mark" and "mkmk". In Designer, it looks like the GPOS features are not at all applied. 



Adam Twardoch



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