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Single/multiple slices and slices UX

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i am still exploring AD and loving it more and more.


two suggestions for slices - although you already have really nice and different ways to make slices - would be the following:


- if i am on the export persona, select two elements and then select (right klick) "create slice" i (me personally) would want both selected elements to be in one slice. i know, that others would want to have both elements in seperated slices.

therefor it would be nice if one could select "create single slice" and "create (multi) slice" or  that AD asks, if one wants a single or multiple slice (like fireworks).

if this feature is not implemented, i need to goup both elements before i make a slice out of them. the real problem about this is, that i can not build groups within the export persona. so i have to go back to another persona, make a group and then go back again to the export persona to select a slice. i had this happen a lot of times within the past days and i simply can not become used to this. perhaps i am not alone!?


- experience whise i always use the "layer select tool" and nearly never the "slice tool". but every single time i enter the export persona, the "slice tool" is selected and i have to switch to the "layer select tool" manually. it would be very helpful, if AD would remember the last used tool on each persona - at least while the program is running and not restarted.

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