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Peter Werner

Procreate file format support in Photo

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In case you are not familiar with it, Procreate is basically the number one most popular digital raster painting application on iOS. It's a great and fast little program with a very well thought-out UI.


It would be cool to be able to open their files up in Affinity Photo on the Desktop. There is currently no application on the Desktop that supports .procreate files natively, so they must currently be exported to PSD on the device, which loses some features like the embedded time-lapse video. PSDs also cannot be re-imported, hence PSD is not suitable for archiving files from Procreate. So being able to open the native files in a desktop app would be great, and it's something many Procreate users have been requesting for years. Thus I imagine you might be able to generate quite a few extra sales among Procreate users. And when the iOS version of Photo is released, Procreate support would of course be even more useful.


Ideally, if the Affinity QuickLook plugin would also provide support for viewing .procreate files in Finder and QuickLook, as that would be the absolute icing on the cake.


The file format is actually quite simple, it's basically a ZIP file with some plists that describe the structure, then there are the individual raster tiles as separate files, and the embedded time-lapse video. The only potentially difficult thing would be figuring out how to decode the image tiles as they seem to be compressed somehow in recent versions, but I'm sure the people at Procreate would be glad to help with that.

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