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The color picker is one of the most annoying things. It creates so much friction and headache. Picking 6-7 colors for a gradient turns anyone into an angry hulk... *Rrrr* 

Ideally there should be one permanently available color picker, that appears at any time when holding one single hot key. 
It should works for any tool and mode at any time. When picking a color it sets the color instantly and direct (without zigzag click and dragging) to 1.) the front paint color, 2.) when a gradient point is selected the selected gradient point color, 3.) when the last click was on the fill color of an object it set these fill color, and 4.) when the last selection was on the contour color, then it sets the contour color, etc. When the last action was drawing an object, then it sets the color of that object, etc, etc. - 


You see the pattern. - It set the paint color. And when an object was selected it sets the main (mostly fill) color of the active object. When the last click was on an different color attribute (outline, gradient point) then it set this. So it sets the color of the last activated thing. Plus the paint color. It's the fall back when nothing is active or selected. And i've picked the color before i wanted to create something new. 

Let's call it the global smart instant color picker. (...from outer space)


But the current color picker is a no-go. 

I don't use Photoshop and never used Illustrator. 

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