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Affinity Photo 2 Shutting Down Unexpectedly

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Affinity Photo 2 is shutting down unexpectedly, no error message, just returns me to the desktop.

This seems to happen when I try to stitch a panorama or when using a plugin (Topaz Photo Ai) usually when the plugin has run and is saving the file back to Affinity Photo.

It happens with and without OpenCL being enabled.

Graphics card is a RTX4060 Ti with Gigabytes latest recommended driver installed.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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  • Staff

Thanks for sending those over, I'm getting a pretty generic error from two and the other two of the reports fail to debug, however the scenarios that you have described when the app runs into a crash do point towards a GPU driver/rendering issue.

As you've already ensured that your drivers are up to date and Hardware Acceleration is disabled within the app, could you try doing a clean install of your drivers by using a tool such as DDU (linked below) to wipe your existing GPU drivers, reboot and then re-install the latest available, before rebooting and trying a stitch again in Photo 2?


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Thanks NathanC

I downloaded and ran the DDU driver remover and re-installed the GPU driver version

The problem remains. When stitching a panorama it gets to the preview after "Stitch Panorama" and when I click on "OK" the stitched image flashes up for a second and then Affinity Photo 2 disappears and I am left looking at the desktop.

I have attached some more crash reports in case they might be helpful.


80f32994-da5c-40c3-86ae-8b9a3798bc11.dmp a1696d56-2eb1-4720-a5f2-625e03bf425f.dmp c1264239-70f3-47cf-b07d-da91e6658387.dmp 8da9b8cb-965d-4c14-8c90-1c0efc33bdaa.dmp

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