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Dear Community,

its my first question here and I'm a “newcomer“ of the photography-world,  but I think that you have an answer for my question.
We are a small company from Germany which are selling gift paper & -ribbons. At the moment we are modify our catalogue and online-shop.
Caused by that we need a lot new photos of our products, which we release with PhotoKey 7 Pro (very easy and good) want to edit afterwards with Affinity.
Certainly a lot of our products are similar but in different colors. We want to shot one or two main pictures which are colored afterwards in the certain color.
We have already tried it with "recolor" or "HSL-Adaptation" but there it is only possible to change the color with Hue/HSL. Primarily we are working with Pantone for our products, but also have the option to use RGB/HEX/CMYK.
My question now: How can I colorize our images in a precise color (Pantone/RGB/CMYK/HEX) “fast & easy"?
Here you find an example for one of our products and I will upload some images which we already shot.
(it is our old presentation which getting an update)
Thanks in advance,
Carl Buening
P.s. the “green-screen“ & light situation is just a first try, it will be better later (but we like it already)
1. original image
2. released image with PhotoKey 7
3. colored image with Affinity (not precise enough)

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Welcome to the forum Carl_B :)


I'm struggling to recolour the image because of the white ribbon. Do you happen to have photo featuring a coloured ribbon instead?

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I also have the same question. Any news or way to solve this? I need to recolor existing UI element (mostly flat colored ractagle with some antialiased icon/fonts in it, so I need to recolor the aliasing artefacts too) to a exactely RGB colors for mock ups.


And also, why is there no lumiance slider at the "recolor" function, I get get certain blues, like 180,100,75 HSL for example. I need a luminance control for that and have only hue and saturation.

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