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Marketing Suggestion.

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If I were to pick a single reason for my switch from Adobe after 25 faithful years, it would be Affinity's captivating and assertive ad campaign for their apps. The blend of music, animation, and the rhythmic wordplay was so mesmerizing that I found myself thinking, "You're fine without Adobe... these apps are fantastic!" Even now, I confess that I purchased the Universal License solely for the enchanting allure those ads had on me. 

Whenever anyone questions Affinity's competence, I instantly bring out those old YouTube commercials. I can't say for certain if the current lackluster promotion is due to budget constraints or unmet revenue projections, but they seem subdued, virtually buried in comparison to their competitors' marketing. 

What's going on, and how can we ignite that spark once more? Even Adobe felt the heat and promptly upped their game for their iPad apps, swiftly incorporating many of Affinity's features. I want to pitch in, to be part of the advertising brainstorming. Let's recapture that magic and push Affinity as assertively as before!

I've amassed a complete compilation of videos for each version. Comparing any one of them with the singular promo for Version 2 will make my point clearer. Below, I've attached a spectacular old promo for Version 1.7 for you to see.

See my comics: dearmascomics.com

Heard my Radio Show: mimegaradio.com

Ask for my services: albertkinng.com

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