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Stable Diffusion plugin/script in Affinity Photo

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Please provide me with some information on how should I prepare the Photoshop plugin/script to use it in Affinity Photo. I know that Affinity Photo doesn`t use its own plugin engine (open for everyone) and that`s why I wanted to prepare a Photoshop plugin only to use it with Photo.

But I don`t know which extension is best, or what is not supported by Photoshop Scripting.

I would like to create a script to use Stable Diffusion with Affinity Photo. I may use some headless mode of third-party WebGUI to use it with Affinity Photo.

I think that Affinity Photo deserves for own Stable Diffusion plugin (the best would be the SDXL model with controlnet and inpaint). I think that is a shame that no one has done it yet.

I`m an ex coder but I would prefer scripting that C++ compiling methods because I would like to do it simply.

Any tips/thoughts?

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1 hour ago, 3dpartdesign said:

But I don`t know which extension is best, or what is not supported by Photoshop Scripting.

As there is yet no own scripting in APh (...just a very limited "Macros" facility unusable for such tasks you have in mind) and Photoshop like scripting isn't supported either way, you can actually forget this approach!

AFAI can say, a plugin would be actually your only chance here yet, BUT APh uses the old Photoshop C++ plugin API and with that from the Affinity side only simple things like an image transfer between the app and a plugin are supported. Meaning the usage of the PS C++ API is also very restricted here to just image exchanges. - Further there are no official Serif examples, docs or tutorials etc. of how to make any right usage out of the old Photoshop C++ API, so the whole is more or less then "try & error || sucess" on your own.



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I would like to make a feature request:

I would like to have the opportunity to use Stable Diffusion inside Affinity Photo same as Krita or Gimp users. 

Photoshop users have their Generative Fill feature. 

I would like to use Stable Diffusion Controlnet with an Inpainting feature inside Affinity Photo (which could work the same as Photoshop Generative Fill). If there is no plan for that feature then please do some open scripting API I will write that code alone.

I like Affinity Photo much and I think it would be a dream pair to have a Stable Diffusion plugin inside Affinity Photo.

I`m a Windows V2 user. Cheers!!!

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