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Snapping leaves small space between object...?

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I don't understand why affinity leaves ultrathin white lines between snapped objects. I don't know if this is an option or a bug, they are visable at every level of zoom... Does anyone have experience with this?


Here's a picture:






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Hi grimmfang,

Welcome to Affinity Forums :)

That's due to the antialiasing picking some of the white from the background around the object boundaries. This also happens with other software.

You can perform an add boolean operation so the three shapes become just one, or place an object behind with the same colour as the foreground objects to cover the white from the background. Another way would be to add a thin stroke with the same colour as the fill to cover the boundaries.

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Hi, I've been facing the same problem when trying to make pattern tiles match.

Now I've been trying your suggestion of adding the tile layers (using the Alt key for non-destructive boolean), but now they both turned invisible as soon as I clicked on "add"!

I tried the Add function with shapes I pulled up in the document and that worked fine. My pattern tiles are pngs .... How could I still make them match seamlessly?



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