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SVG Incorrect Rendering in Affinty Photo

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Affinity SVG redender issue in Photo.zip


I think there is an issue with SVG image rendering in Affinity Photo V2. 

I imported the same SVG image in both Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer. Set all the settings to similar state and then zoomed in. I saw the though the Designer rendered the SVG image perfectly the Photo rendered with some jagged edges.

You can find the Designer and Photo files and the screenshots of my settings in both the apps.  Please confirm if this is a bug or not?



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Photo will always show you the document at a ‘document pixel’ level and, because of this, vectors may sometimes not look as ‘clean’ as they do in Designer (or Publisher) where vectors are usually rendered at ‘the screen resolution’ (unless you are using “Pixel View Mode” in Designer).

This is just how Photo works, and has always worked – this is not a bug, it's just how it is because of what Photo was designed to do.

Documents in Photo, when a zoom greater than 100% is used, will always be 'pixelated' to some degree.

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