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Sketching with AP / Compass tool

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When sketching, it's a common technique in Photoshop to draw straight lines using the brush tool: 


   * To draw a straight line from A to B, put a dot at A, hold down shift and put a dot at B. This works in Affinity Photo, cool!


   * To draw a horizontal or vertical line, put the pen down, THEN hold down shift and draw the line. This is not implemented in AP.


Drawing straight lines like this in Photoshop is fast and works neatly in the workflow when sketching, because you don't have to change tools at all. Professionals use this technique; see youtube vids from the FZDSCHOOL channel, for instance. I never use Photoshop's line tool altogether, because it would always create a new layer and has other issues that totally break the workflow.


I'd like to see AP adopt the behaviour of Photoshop to allow for drawing horizontal and vertical lines using the shift key. Moreover, AP could improve on this and also implement fast ways to:


   * draw an arc of a circle starting from the centre (i.e. a compass tool)


   * use the same compass tool to intuitively pick up a length somewhere on the canvas, then duplicate it somewhere else


   * a fast way to draw a line that's parallel to something else on the canvas, e.g. by putting a dot to define A, putting another dot to define B, then putting a third dot to define C and cause Affinity Photo to draw a straight line through C whose length and angle are copied from AB.


To summarize my request: I'd like to see some means that allow me to draw on a pixel layer just how you would be able to with a pencil, a ruler and a compass. The way this is implemented should allow for fast sketching, in full-screen and with all UI hidden, and by using keystrokes and clicks only, without any dialogs or the need to create new layers, rasterize or other things that would break the natural flow of sketching.


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