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Control what is sliced and exported?

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I am  making a graphic with many boxes and lines and I tried to export the whole graphic as 1 jpg, but instead, I got 58 jpgs! One for each item on the art board.


Also, trying to select all of those slices and I can't easily mass-select them using shift key or shift + arrow.


So...How do I say, "Take ALL of these items and make 1 slice out of them...all together.



thank you!

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it certainly can!


I have not been able to re-produce what I saw earlier, which is basically, that I selected the object in the art board..the whole thing at the parent level..in the export personas area, made a slice, exported slice and wound up with 58 separate jpgs; one jpg for each of the 58 objects — lines, boxes, type - in the document.  screengrab shows the layers expanded, but in my attempt to reproduce, it didn't make any difference layers open or layers closed; I just couldn't get it to happen again.


Thank you



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  • Staff

My guess is you selected all the objects and clicked the create slice button on the context toolbar or the layers tab. This will create a slice for all objects in your selection. 


As I think you already know you can just drag a new slice rect using the slice tool or select just the parent layer or object and create a slice.


If you have any other issues then just get back to me.

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