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Unable to activate v2 apps with universal license on MacOS

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Purchased universal v2 license. Had activated and was using all apps. Had to restore HD from backup and then none of the apps would register. Getting "Please try again" message. (See first screenshot)

Followed ALL steps in Troubleshooting Affinity V2 Licence Activation Issues document with no success.

Tried Check Connectivity, but Checking Connectivity dialog makes zero progress. (See second screenshot)

Had to force quit app.

Followed section on Deactivate Affinity 2 Apps. No success.

Tried again, but instead of following instruction to :

"When the Clear User Data window appears, make sure that Deactivate Affinity 2 apps is the only option selected and then click Clear."

I selected all options on All Affinity 2 apps.


Before clearing any of the user data or deactivating apps I made a copy of all of the Affinity related items in (user)>Library>Application Support folder and also the preferences in (user)>Library>Preferences starting with com.seriflabs. Ater activating the apps and quitting, I replaced them. So far it appears that all of my settings have been preserved.

I hope this saves you the multiple hours and much frustration I went through.

Serif people:

Please update the troubleshooting doc to add the extra step of clearing user settings for all apps. It was the only thing that worked for me and allowed me to salvage part of my workday. Let's help others avoid my fate. Even better would be to make the activation a bit more robust. Clearly something was very wrong when I could not even get a connection check to make any progress.


Screen Shot 2023-03-16 at 3.43.34 PM.png

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