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Affinity Designer V1, V2: Extremely poor vectorizing quality on semicircles drawn by a tablet pen

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Hello everyone,

I am having huge problems with free hand vector curve drawing created by affinity designer using my wacom intuos pro tablet.

You can see the ui following the semicircle excatly but the vectorizing result.

What the ui preview shows:


And that is the vector curve result:


The result almost seems random. Normal writing or drawing is causing this 50% the times.
Mainly flat bulbous semicircles where totally wrong.

The slower you draw the less possible it gets.

Having the raster preview in Affinity totally precise but the wrong vectorizing result it seems to me this must be a Affinity issue (see video attached writing "c"s and "e"s)
Inkscape does not have this issue!
Mouse input does not have this issue!

Tried different settings (Quality, Windows Ink etc.) with no difference at all.

  • Version: Affinity Designer 2.0.4 (also on
  • OS: Windows 11
  • Tablet: Wacom Intuos Pro L PTH-860
  • System: Intel Corce i9-12900KF, 128 GB RAM

So Affinity Designer is almost useless to me. It's a very annoying problem espacially because of the randomness factor.

I would be grateful for help.

Thanks in advance and best regards




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Just now, tstwk said:

ou can see the ui following the semicircle excatly but the vectorizing res

Addon: In the described scenario sometimes the UI has glitches not deleting the original raster result.

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  • Staff

Hi @tstwk and Welcome to the Forums,

I've not been able to replicate this with 2 different Wacom tablets or a Huion tablet.

Can you do another recording but this time of the whole screen, so I can see which brush is being used and its size.

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