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bizarre application of gradient as rect fill

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I define a collection of 8 gradients in SVG and refer to the last four of them in rectangular forms.  Rather than displaying the last four when I load the SVG, Designer V2 fills the rectangles with the first four declared, even though none of them are selected as fill in the rect specs.  (See foo2.svg).  If I move the latter four definitions to the front of the others in the SVG file, the correct gradients appear. (See foo.svg)  If I rotate the fifth declared gradient to the first in the declaration order (still referring to it by its gradient5 name), it is the one displayed for fill gradient5, but the second, third, and fourth (gradient2, gradient3, gradient4) are displayed rather than the specified (gradient6, gradient7, gradient8) (See foo3.svg).

Neither Microsoft Edge nor GIMP exhibit this bizarre behavior.

Obviously a bug.

Running Windows 10 Pro on AMD Phenom(tm) II X4 975 Processor

As usual, I'm unable to upload screenshots to this form (using Chrome) and have to start over with the report if I try.


foo2.svg foo3.svg foo.svg

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All right.  I wasn't going to mention this in my original report, because it seemed too unlikely.

But this appears to be a cache problem. The odd behavior I previously reported reflected display of previously loaded SVG files, even those with different names.

To wit, I took a subject SVG file, added new rect forms to the SVG file in a text editor, saved the file under the same file name, and re-loaded it into Designer.  The display was as before.  The new forms did not appear.  It did not help to kill Designer and re-start it.  Same behavior.

Even stranger, I made a copy of the modified SVG file, gave it a different name, restarted Designer, and loaded the renamed file.  The display was STILL of the original, unmodified file.

I have not tried re-booting my machine to attempt to clear Designer's persistent memory.   Nor am I willing to re-boot my machine every time I modify an SVG file to accommodate Desiger's issue.

At some point, Designer becomes useless to me, and I have to go kicking and screaming to Adobe.  I am near that point.

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  • Staff

I think this is due to the repetition of the 'stop' class names within the gradient definitions - making them unique across all gradients will give the effect you are after. My browsers are displaying the latter 4 definitions whilst designer is taking the first 4 for me. 

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