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Affinity Designer v1 Stoke width of exported .svg file is not compatible with the application (Affinity Designer v1)

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Hello everyone

I try to use Affinity designer to draw structure section and exporting them to .svg files.

However, strokes of some lines are not compatible with the my setting.

If exporting them to .png file, no problem is occurred. But I prefer .svg format. Could I solve the issue?


CCW.afdesign CCW.svg

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Welcome to the forums @HHang

So that we are sure that we are looking at the same things, can you tell us which “strokes of some lines” are “not compatible” and tell us what you mean by “not compatible”?

Basically, can you give us more information about what the problem is and where we should be looking?

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Sorry for not putting enough information. And thanks for your kind reply.

I would like to explain the situation using the .png file.

In the figure, the blue circle indicated a normal line, which line width is 2pt. And the red circles indicated some of the strange lines, which I also set their line width to 2pt.

I just export this figure as .svg format with default setting, and discover that the resulting line width of these lines are not compatible. I want the lines in red circles have the same width as the line in the blue circle but do not know how.


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Sorry but there is no problem for me :

- if I save your document in png, I get the good lines…

- if I save your document in svg, and open it back with affinity photo, I also get the good lines…

- if I open it back in affinity designer, I also get the good lines…

BUT, if I preview the svg file, then yes the lines are much thiner, only in the preview…

Below = the png file I get…


Below = the preview of the svg file I get…


Below = the svg I get…


MacBook Pro 16 pouces (3456 × 2234), 2021 / Apple M1 Pro / 16 Go / macOS Ventura Version 13.4.1 (22F82)
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MacBookAir6,2 Intel Core i5 double cœur 4 Go / macOS Big Sur version 11.7.7 (20G1345)

Licence Universelle Affinity V2 updated to 2.1.1

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